National Board Certification Preparation and Support

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Course Overview

The National Board Certification (NBC) Process is an extensive, invigorating professional development opportunity for teachers. In this course, participants will learn about the process, develop their writing skills in three areas (descriptive, analytical, reflective), and have group and individual support throughout their initial certification process. Participants will prepare drafts of their portfolio writing requirements and snapshots of their teaching via video with appropriate reflective written materials. Discussion forums will focus on learning the NBC process, the specific standards and guidelines tied to your certification and facilitators and student interactions regarding your individual written submissions.

The purpose for this class is to provide resources, mentoring, coaching, guidance and technical assistance to candidates. It incorporates intellectual, logistical, emotional, and technical support, however the responsibility of developing and completing the certification materials always rests with the candidate. Candidate support providers cannot make choices or create evidence for the candidate. Candidate support providers acknowledge that the responsibility for developing NBPTS portfolio content and materials, and preparing for the assessment center rest solely and completely with the candidate. Participation in and/or completion of this course in no way guarantees that the candidate will certify.